November Beers of the Month

Lagunitas Lucky 13 

Lagunitas Brewing Co Lucky 13 Red Ale is a beautifully balanced beer, with nice subtle sweetness followed by just the right amount of earthy hoppy bitterness, leaving you always wanting another sip.

Regular Price – $6.99 Sale Price – $5.99  Save $1.00


Six Point Autumnation

Autumnation, Sixpoint’s hop harvest ale, features a fresh “wet hop” chosen by Sixpoint fans. This year’s hop choice, Mosaic, provides this hearty copper ale with bright citrus, berry and pine flavors, along with aromatic notes of earth, strawberry and stonefruit.

Regular Price – $10.99/4 pack Sale Price – $9.99 Save $1.00

Switchback Ale 

Switchback Ale is a reddish-amber ale which is particularly well-balanced, allowing for complexity of flavor coupled with an unusually smooth and refreshing character. Five different malts, select hop varieties, and our own specially cultivated yeast create an ale which leads with hop flavors and a subtle impression of fruit , followed by a palate pleasing malty finish.

Regular Price – $5.99 Sale Price – 2 for $9 Save $3.00

Rogue Mocha Porter  

Dedicated to the chocolate lover in each of us, this beer is ruddy brown in color, offering a bittersweet balance of malt and hops leading to a light cream finish.

Regular Price – $7.99 Sale Price – $6.99  Save $1.00

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