• Wines of the Month

    • Mt. Veeder Red Blend

      Regular Price - $49.99
      Sale Price - $44.99

      Aromas of dense black currant, black peppercorn, and cardamom are intricately woven. Notes of molasses and flint lend a very deep and complex aroma to this wine. Hints of bay leaf and honey linger in the glass. Bursting palate, with big mouthfeel and structure stuffed with dark cherry and plum. Hazelnut, and anise with hints of sage all lend to the richness and layered complexity of this wine. Big in stature, yet still supple. A powerful wine with grace and restraint, it finishes long with black currant and savory notes. 89% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Malbec, 4% Petit Verdot

    • Ciacci Piccolomino Rosso d Montalcino

      Regular Price - $26.99
      Sale Price - 2 for $50

      Fruity aromas of ripe berries with balsamic notes on the nose predict an alternation between sweetness and acidity in the mouth. Its sweet-acid components evoke raspberry and ripe blackberry. Spicy finish recalls star anise.

    • 3 Girls in Red Blend

      Regular Price - $11.99
      Sale Price - 2 for $20

      This Cabernet-based red wine is a unique blend of rich concentrations and aromas of dark cherry, blackberry, licorice and a hint of spice. Velvety tannins lead to a full sensation on the palate. This wine is created with a great complexity of fruit and a long, lingering finish. Pure Red is a luscious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Merlot.

    • Bourgogne Hautes-Cotes de Beaune Pino Noir

      Regular Price - $29.99
      Sale Price - $27.99

      Full of lush red fruit, earthy notes and nice minerality.  Pairs well with beef, veal, deer, venison and poultry.

    • Ala nera nero d'Avola

      Regular Price - $15.99
      Sale Price -2 for $29

      The Ala Nera has a beautiful nose full of wild berries and baking spice. The aromas of clove and pepper carry over to the palate, which is bursting with fresh cherries and raspberries. Food Pairing Pizza with sausage and caramelized onions, Bologonese, lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs.

    • A Bichot Secret de Famille Chardonnay

      Regular Price - $23.99
      Sale Price -2 for $45

      The nose is dominated by hints of citrus and white flowers -- into evolving notes of honey and dried fruits. The palate is very balanced, skillfully blending vivacity and roundness.  Pair with seafood, fish cooked in sauce and simply-prepared white meats.

    • Nora Albarino Rias Baixas

      Regular Price - $21.99
      Sale Price -2 for $40

      From Spain's western coast comes this lovely Albaiño. This clean and zesty white wine is crisp and dry with alluring tropical flavors. Albariño is a perfect match for shellfish and seafood.

    • Barra Chardonnay

      Regular Price - $22.99
      Sale Price - 2 for $43

      This full-bodied wine does a superb job of blending luscious fruit flavors of Anjou pear and fresh fig with a spice rack of nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon. Good concentration and depth help it feel full and creamy on the palate and extend the finish nicely.

    • Beers of the Month

    • Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

      Regular Price - $11.99
      Sale price - $10.99

      A golden-yellow wheat beer, with its fine-pored white foam, smells of cloves and impresses consumers with its refreshing banana flavour. It is full bodied and with a smooth yeast taste. 5.4% ABV

    • Lagunita's Sumpin' Easy Ale

      Regular Price - $8.99
      Sale Price - $7.99
      A healthy dose of 2-row malted barley, a bit of wheaty-esque-ish-ness and loads of Ekuanot hops to create a super smooth and velvety ale with a fruit and resin-y- finish like biting into a freshly picked peach. 5.7% ABV
    • Southern Tier Help! On The Way! DIPA

      Regular Price - $15.99
      Sale price - $14.99

      The fourth release in the Science is the Art Collection leverages mangoes and tropical hops to create a fruit bomb that combines the extra body and creamy richness of the Double IPA with the addition of lactose. Turn the can upside down before opening for increased hazy appeal. Or don't. Either way, it's a flavorful and aromatic trip into the cosmos. 8.5% ABV

    • Case Deals of the Month

    • Mcmanis North Forty Red

      Regular Price - $251.88
      Sale Price - $150.00
    • Leese-Fitch Sauvignon Blanc

      Regular Price - $191.88
      Sale Price - $130.00
    • Leese-Fitch Chardonnay

      Regular Price - $179.88
      Sale Price - $130.00
    • Leese-Fitch Pinot Noir

      Regular Price - $191.88
      Sale Price - $130.00
    • Mcmanis Zinfandal & Mcmanis Rose

      Regular Price - $203.88
      Sale Price - $150.00
    • Mcmanis Cabernet Sauvignon & Mcmanis Petite Syrah

      Regular Price - $191.88
      Sale Price - $150.00
    • Mcmanis Malbec, Mcmanis Merlot & Mcmanis Viognier

      Regular Price - $179.88
      Sale Price - $150.00
    • Cuvee Serpolet Rose

      Regular Price - $275.88
      Sale Price - $215.00 Plus a FREE tote bag!
    • Cuvee La Violette

      Regular Price - $443.88
      Sale Price - $360.00 Plus a FREE tote bag