March Case Deals of the Month

Pre-order Case Specials

Bonizio_LabelCecchi Bonizio    

We couldn’t keep this stuff on the shelf last month.

Color: Intense red with violet reflections. Bouquet: Intense and complex, with lots of cherry and earthy aromas. Taste: Soft, round palate with flavors of fresh berries and some spices.  

 Case Price – $156 Sale Price – $115 Save $41



fassiniVilla Fassini Cabernet/Sangiovese or Trebbiano/Chard 

These Toscana blends were a favorite at our tastings.  

Case Price – $132  Sale Price – $102 Save $30



lyricLyric by Etude
Our best selling Pinot Noir since we brought it in. Wine from a well-known high-end producer, Etude, at everyday prices. If you drink Pinot, you will love the taste and price of Lyric.
Case Price – $240  Sale Price – $190 Save $50.00


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