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Bolla_Creso_labelBolla Creso    

A ‘Super Veronese,’ Creso is a blend of Corvina and Cabernet. The grapes are harvested from the finest vineyards with limited yields. With the Corvina, Creso showcases the very best ofthe Veronese tradition, while the international varietal Cabernet, provides a strong backbone.

 Case Price – $120 (6 bottles) Sale Price – $105 Save $15


concannon_crimson_labelConcannon Conservancy Crimson and Clover  

 Aromas of nutmeg, mocha and coconut lead into bright, fruit flavors of blackberry, ripe cherry and plum on the palate. The nutty finish is soft and long with a hint of vanilla. A tribute to the “Father of America’s First Petite Sirah,” Jim Concannon, from his son John, this wine epitomizes the innovative, steadfast spirit of Jim. Bold and lusciously fruity, this complex blend has fantastic depth and ages graciously.

Case Price – $168  Sale Price – $125 Save $43


IronyIrony Wines
Choose between their Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinot Noir for one great price
Case Price – $192 – 216  Sale Price – $155 Save $37-61


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